Updating Ruby (not a real blog post!)

This isn’t a real blog post. I just want to state that up front. I know it’s been ages since my last one (if anyone’s counting) and that one was about a bunch of feels and I should probably follow it up with a really good one. But I’m not. You’ve been warned. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I had to update my Ruby version twice in a 3 week period. Both times I had to look up how to do it (I love having an exo-brain called Google that means I don’t have to remember every single thing), and both times I didn’t find everything I needed to know in one place. Talk about frustrating.

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All of the feels of a junior developer

It has been too long since my last post! I suppose that’s what working full time again does – you find there is far less time to write regular blog posts!

As you will know if you’ve read this blog before (since I mention it in every post!), I took the course at Enspiral Dev Academy (EDA) earlier this year to learn Ruby on Rails. Before that, I was a marketing professional who had graduated with a diploma in Creative Communications (and degrees in English Literature) and had worked in a variety of comms-related roles since 2006. I had never fancied myself particularly technically adept and had therefore never really considered that I would end up doing anything technical for a living. But after feeling a general need to move on from the role I had been in for the last 5 years and not feeling inspired by any other marketing positions, I decided to jump off the deep end and try something completely different. Enter: EDA.

Since my husband, Samson Ootoovak, worked for EDA, I was aware of the course from its very beginning. But it didn’t occur to me to consider it for myself until I had watched the first couple of cohorts – filled with many people who had already had other, unrelated careers and had never coded before, just like me – go through the programme and get jobs afterward. Then it clicked; I could become a programmer too! My general feeling of malaise towards marketing combined with my need to do something new would be cured and fulfilled, simultaneously.

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Back to Code (Starting a new Rails App)


This was written a couple of weeks ago, when I started a new personal project after taking a few weeks off from coding:

I started building my new Rails app today. Man, am I rusty! I had to look up how to create a new app, generate models, create routes, all of it. I suppose I have only done it a couple of times before, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, but I’m feeling a bit like a fish out of water. And without the ever present comfort of EDA instructors hovering nearby to help whenever I get stuck. How will I do this all by myself?! At least there isn’t a deadline, ‘cause this is going to take a WHILE.

But to look on the bright side, at least I’m back at it. The band aid has been torn off, I’ve dived right in and as slow as it may go, I am on my way. One step at a time. Trying not to get ahead of myself by thinking of next steps and worrying, ‘Shit, how am I going to do that? Or that? or THAT??’ I’ll deal with those things when I get there.

The best part is that despite feeling tentative and unsure, I am really, really glad to be coding again.

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