Planning a new project


It’s been over 3 weeks since I graduated from Enspiral Dev Academy (EDA) and more like 3 and a half since I last coded. That is scary! I learned it all so quickly, could I lose it just as quickly from lack of use? It’s not like I felt super confident about my skills in the first place – I was proud of myself for learning it and fairly confident in my basic skills, but not super confident – so now I’m really worried.

But I’ve made a plan – when in doubt, schedule your life! Nothing gives you a feeling of control in this crazy world like a colour coded calendar and a plan of attack. I have an idea for a website I want to build and an idea of how I will approach it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into it without too much trouble or the need to take the course all over!

Today’s task was to write out some notes for the new website, planning out the user stories, the flow and the database associations. The user stories went pretty well, I know what I want this site for and what it should do, so there were no problems there. I made a messy attempt at wire framing and have a good idea of how it will look. All good so far.

But trying to figure out the associations has left me stumped – I can’t remember if the products belong to the customer and to the order or just to the order and then the order belongs to the customer. Are the orders a join table or polymorphic or has many and belongs to many? Uh oh. The RailsGuides aren’t much help, or else I just can’t make sense of ActiveRecord Associations through the dawning realisation that yes, I have forgotten everything. Crap.

I’m going to go and stare at some code and hope it all comes flooding back like magic.

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